About Us

We Make Beauty

Our online courses are designed by beauty enthusiasts for beauty enthusiasts, opening the door to a world of top-level education, practical training and industry insights. Our goal is to transform the way beauty therapy tuition is both provided and accessed, so you can develop your skill set through the most liberating and empowering online formats.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen a specific ability or you’re invested in developing your expertise across multiple areas, Kajis Beauty Academy was created to offer all students the support to begin building the career or business of their dreams.

Every educational journey is unique which is why, as one of the most dynamic beauty therapy education providers in the US, our commitment is to ensure you personally receive all the instruction and guidance you need to truly thrive.

Our Story

We believe that education is more than cramming yourself into a crowded classroom. The future is digital, which is why we’ve tapped into the huge potential online learning offers to bring you a broad range of tutoring on a single platform.

Because our ethos is that beauty therapy education should be accessible to individuals from all backgrounds, be flexible and fit into all lifestyles and, most importantly, should include only the highest quality training. 

That’s also why we’ve partnered with the best of the best in beauty scene. These leading industry experts have helped curate the course content to ensure you get the most up to date information and the highest calibre of coaching available on the market.